Help Nellie Bright!

Nellie came to The Humane Society of Sedona after her owner became very ill with cancer and was no longer able to care for her. At only 4 years old, Nellie has lots of life and love to give! We found that Nellie's back hip was most likely injured at some point in her past and has recently been causing her much pain, even to walk. Nellie is in desperate need of surgery that will help to stop the progression of her arthritis and allow her a life free of this pain!

Nellie's name is symbolic of her bright soulful eyes and gentle heart. She desperately seeks the companionship and love she once knew and you can give her that chance, by helping her feel her best!

We live for these moments, opportunities to help save homeless animals in need. Our fundraising goal is $1,500 to help cover Nellie's surgery. Please give or share to help Nellie!

Visit, Injured Pets Fund:

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