Our Seniors for Seniors Program

The Humane Society of Sedona is proud to offer our Seniors for Senior Program. The program places senior cats and dogs (over 7 years of age) with senior citizens who are over 60 years of age so both the pet owner and pet can enjoy their golden years together in a shared camaraderie. This program enables senior citizens to re-discover the joy of having a cat or dog in their lives and as it has been proven, petting a cat or a dog can lower a persons’ blood pressure.

As part of the Senior for Senior program the adoption fees are waived and in the event the new adopter can no longer care for pet, the Humane Society of Sedona will always accept the pet back waiving any surrender fees.  We also will provide free vaccinations, nail trims, and wellness exams annually for five years after adoption at the HSS Wellness Clinic.  Additionally, if pet food is needed due to limited income, Senior for Senior adopters will have access to the HSS Food Bank (as food is available). 

Program benefits:

One-time fees waived:

  • Pet (7yrs+) adoption fee waived = $30-40
  • Return fee waived = $50
  • TOTAL ONE-TIME fees waived = $70-$80

Annual services at HSS (not own vet) for 5 years:

  • Exam = $40
  • Distemper vaccine = $15
  • Rabies vaccine = $20
  • Nail trim = $15
  • TOTAL ANNUAL services = $450

As needed, free pet food from the HSS food bank of donated food (as available)

Our Adoption Counselors will assist in helping the potential adopters select a pet that meets their needs based on their lifestyle and housing facility. We want both the senior citizen and pet to be the perfect match and have a bond of friendship and love.

This program is made possible from a grant from Northern Arizona Healthcare and matching donors who care about the welfare of both people and animals alike.

Pets are Good for Us 

Research shows us that companion animals, such as dogs and cats, can help improve the physical and mental health of our Senior Citizen population. Pets provide a friendship and love for lonely individuals.  Some of our Senior Citizen population experience loneliness which is a major factor in depression.

In Betty White’s book Pet Love, Dr. Leo Bustard states that “pets restore order and to their basic lives and provides links to the community.  Many elderly people have discovered that a pet can satisfy their greatest needs”.
For elderly pet owners, who often live alone or in group facilities, pets can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, increase social interaction and physical activity.  Having a pet can help a senior citizen focus on something other than their physical issues and pre-occupations about loss or aging. 

Pets benefit, too, particularly when older folks adopt older pets. These lucky pets go from a shelter environment to a real home where both pet and senior are in need of a loyal companion and friend.   Since most of the adopters are retired, they have lots of time to devote to a previously unwanted pet and the new relationship flourishes.

For more information call (928) 282-4679